Who We Are

Service Department Solutions is an automotive consulting group who specializes in the “back-end” of the dealership.

The owner of the company has over 35 years of experience. Starting his career as a technician he moved on to work for the manufacturers of General Motors and Chrysler Corp (Now FCA). His business acumen extends throughout the dealership arena to sales, service, parts, technical training and financial statement analysis.

As a result of the wide range of dealership and factory experiences, SDS can harmonize the two worlds into maximizing the profits for the service and parts operations. They are known as a group that dealers trust. It is required that all employees be equally versed in the service/parts operations.

SDS has interacted with all of the domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers and know their peculiar twists – both the good and the not so good – in dealing with their franchisees. SDS knows what to expect!

There are three legs of the SDS organization that specialize in:


from the manufacturer on warranty and parts reimbursement rates. We have a no hassle – no risk – no ongoing fees and you only pay when the manufacturer approves policy. We will complete the labor and/or parts mark-up rate increase for you with all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed. And most importantly, there is no retribution from the manufacturer.


– We will train your service and parts personnel in business management so that they can maximize the dollars for your operation and retain the net.


– We implement best practices in the back-end that will lead to higher customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and profits. Our goal for training and development is to put processes in place within a 6-month window so your managers can operate without us.

No Hassles – No Risks – No Up Front Fees – And You Only Pay Once, When Approved