Service & Parts Department Development

Service Department Solutions offers a wide range of training and process implementation for those service departments that struggle and just need a little help to get over the top. Our goal is to be in and out over a 6-month period. We will return if you want a tune-up on the practices. We don’t want to live in your dealership any longer than necessary to improve the operations. As a partner, we operate under these 3 guidelines. They are:

  1. Remove the obstacles that get in the way of the people succeeding.
  2. Implement processes that will allow service personnel to perform the tasks in a consistent, customer friendly and profitable way.
  3. Train those who want to learn on how to be a professional at their job function.

Here is a partial list of some of the training areas:

  • Service Advisor Selling Skills and Techniques
  • Communication Skills
  • Paper flow throughout the service department
  • Avoiding an audit
  • Scheduling
  • Shop through-put
  • Manufacturer’s surveying system
  • Developing service specials and packages
  • Active delivery processes and follow-up
  • Repair order – proper documentation
  • Parts Inventory Control
  • Manufacturer’s Incentive Programs
  • Overage Parts
  • Matrix Pricing
  • Dirty Cores