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maximizing profits for your
service and parts operations.
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There are no up-front fees and you only pay once,  when approved.

Make sure your dealership is getting what it is due according to state law.

Many state laws require that the automotive manufacturers reimburse their franchisee for warranty parts and labor repairs at the average of what the service department would charge the retail consumer. A dealership that has a gross of $100,000 in warranty parts over a year will gain an additional $69,000 in new found monies with a mark-up increased to 65%. Service Department Solutions has an extensive experience in processing and  receiving increases for dealerships in the United States.

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Talk to us today at no cost. One of our consultants can help determine your warranty parts and/or labor increase potential. Not interested in an increase? We can also evaluate your service and parts operation and implement processes to improve the dealer net and your customer’s level of satisfaction.


Warranty Increases

SDS has extensive experience in receiving increases for dealerships in the United States and will professionally analyze and submit your package.


Our pricing is scheduled so that no dealership is too small to afford our services and we don’t take advantage of large returns on the dollar. A free consult is available on your estimated lift, even if you choose not to use us!

“Your dealership may be letting tens of thousands of dollars a year slip through its fingers because you’re not challenging your OEM’s standard warranty parts reimbursement rate.”

Service Department Solutions, recently featured in Fixed-Ops Magazine.

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